Solomon Spalding-Book of Mormon parallels

Mormons often insist that there are no similarities.  Judge for yourself here.

Believing Mormons often state that Solomon Spalding's "Manuscript Story" (If you are unfamiliar with the Spalding-Rigdon theory, click here for a brief background) has absolutely nothing in common with the Book of Mormon.  However, almost none of these people have actually read "Manuscript Story" for themselves.  I have read every word of both it and the Book of Mormon, and I compiled a list of what I thought were the most noteworthy similarities between the two books.  This list is in no way meant to prove or disprove the Spalding-Rigdon theory, nor should it be considered exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination.  I am putting it here merely so people may be more informed when discussing this issue:

It should be noted, however, that the differences between the two books vastly outnumber the similarities, most notably in their sequencing of the items listed above.  Yet keep in mind, also, that the lack of differences is not what, in part, persuades believers in the Spalding-Ridgon theory.  It is the amount of similarities which persuades them.

(For the record, I neither advocate nor disavow the Spalding-Rigdon theory.  I have not yet done enough research on this convoluted and controversial issue to form an opinion either way.  I simply include this list so that people may knowledgeably counter the false allegation that "there are no similarities between the Spalding Manuscript and the Book of Mormon.")

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