Answers to frequently asked questions from visitors to this site.

QUESTION:  Now that you no longer believe in Mormonism, what religion do you currently practice?

ANSWER:  I haven't joined any church, and I don't follow any religion.  I'm now agnostic, so I don't think there's conclusive evidence for either the existence or the non-existence of God.

QUESTION:  Did you leave Mormonism because someone offended you?

ANSWER:  Absolutely not; no one offended me in any way.  I left Mormonism because I discovered that it isn't true, that's all.

QUESTION:  Did you commit a grievous sin that made you want to leave the church instead of repenting?

ANSWER:  No.  When I left Mormonism, I was in full fellowship and wasn't in any need to confess anything to my bishop.

QUESTION:  Why do you have so much interest in a religion you no longer believe in?

ANSWER:  I spent so much time as a dedicated believer in Mormonism that I was driven to "make up for lost time" by learning as much as I could about "the other side of the coin."  Even so, Mormonism is a fascinating topic, because we can see the genesis and evolution of what may become the world's next major religion (unless the Internet kills it off first) almost right before our eyes.

QUESTION:  If you don't believe in Mormonism, why do you attack it instead of just going away quietly?

STRAIGHT ANSWER:  I don't consider myself to be "attacking" Mormonism in any way.  All I'm doing is sharing information about it that isn't readily available elsewhere--information that I myself would have benefitted from back when I was researching Mormonism in earnest.

SARCASTIC ANSWER:  Who fooled you into thinking that Mormonism is the only religion in the world that gets a "free pass" from scrutiny?

QUESTION:  Why do you spend all your time creating a website which attacks Mormonism?

STRAIGHT ANSWER:  Regarding whether or not my site "attacks" Mormonism, see above.  Regarding the amount of time I spend on my website, I don't spend "all my time" on it.  I don't even spend a lot of time on it.  In fact, I spend hardly any time on it.  For the most part, I typed up the website, then I was done.  Other than occasionally updating my "e-mails" section and fixing broken links, the whole website was essentially a one-shot thing.

SARCASTIC ANSWER:  Why do you spend all your time reading my website and attacking me?

QUESTION:  There are many worse religions than Mormonism out there; why don't you create websites which expose them instead?

STRAIGHT ANSWER:  That's because I'm simply not interested in other religions.  I was raised in and spent many years as a believer in Mormonism, so Mormonism is the religion I choose to write about.

SARCASTIC ANSWER:  Admit it; you're just trying to deflect criticism away from your religion, aren't you?

QUESTION:  Do you answer all your e-mails?

ANSWER:  I answer about 99% of them (eventually).

QUESTION:  I am a believing Mormon and I want to e-mail you my criticism of your website.  Is there any point I ought to address?

ANSWER  Yes.  I don't mind if you criticize my site, but if you do so, don't merely generalize.  Either tell me specifically where and how my site is incorrect, or don't bother e-mailing me at all.

QUESTION:  I can't point out any specific place on your website which is incorrect, but the mere existence of your site makes me so angry that I want to e-mail you anyway and thoroughly vent my seething hatred of you.  May I please do so?

ANSWER:  No.  Trust me, I've heard it all already, so anything you say would just be redundant.  Please don't waste your (or my) time.

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