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Intermediate-level information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This website assumes a level of familiarity with Mormonism beyond that of the average member.  If you are an investigator of Mormonism, or if you are a Mormon who is unaware of the controversies surrounding your religion, you are encouraged to read this page before continuing with the material below.

What is an anti-Mormon?
A look at the word and its implications.
A word of comfort
I know from personal experience that if you're a Mormon having serious doubts about your faith, the whole world seems to be collapsing around you.  Trust me, you're not alone.
My exit story
My observations now that I no longer intellectually identify with Mormonism.
Internet Mormonism vs. Chapel Mormonism
Has The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints split into two different religions (without even knowing it)?
Does chiasmus prove the authenticity of the Book of Mormon?
A demonstration of why it doesn't.
The changes in the Book of Mormon
Although this section is only partially complete, it will eventually show every change made to the Book of Mormon since it was first published in 1830.
Does the LDS Church really have 15 million members?
A critical look at the statistics.
Meet Mark Hofmann
Here's a brief introduction to the man who fooled God!
The Kinderhook Plates
Here's quick, hard evidence against Joseph Smith's prophetic claims, undeniable because it's all from Church-approved sources.
Did Joseph Smith invent the Book of Mormon?
An examination based on the work of Robert D. Anderson.
Solomon Spalding-Book of Mormon parallels
Mormons often insist that there are no similarities.  Judge for yourself here.
Argumentation tactics of LDS apologists
Problematic assumptions and argumentation strategies often found among defenders of Mormonism.
The Priesthood/Relief Society manuals
Reading between the lines reveals some interesting tidbits.
The Rameumptom
Why did Joseph Smith bother to add that story about the Zoramites' worship habits?  Who knows, maybe he was a prophet after all!
The Reed Peck manuscript
The 1839 eyewitness account of the Danites and the Mormon War in Missouri.  Perhaps the line dividing "the good guys" and "the bad guys" isn't as clear-cut as we've been taught.
Answers to frequently asked questions from visitors to this site.
Discuss these and other Mormon-related issues on a censorship-free forum.

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"I think I would rather continue to live in a fairy tale and enjoy the blessings of delusion which is more peaceful than reality."

--From an e-mail received October 14, 2002,
on why he intends to remain a Mormon